BB (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)

A Few More Days

I'd sacrifice my happiness now to spend one more week
lying in your arms feeling your piercing blue eyes
sweep across my body heating up every spot
your sight lands upon
Just a few more day to snuggle my head
in the crook of your arm
smelling the essence of man
the scent lingering in my nose
Just one more day of feeling your fingertips
whispering across my skin exploring every inch
Just a few more hours of touching you
a perfect man God molded out of clay
Just one more hour engulfed in your arms
feeling safe and loved
Just a sliver of time to spend next to you
feeling beautiful together
listening to your sweet voice say my name
as a smile tugs playfully at your lips
Just some more time to spend with you

by Bridget Bush

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