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A Few Rooms
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A Few Rooms

The room where a young boy
beheld toy soldiers' bedspread battles,
great legions clashing in still air —

Where later Mother surprised him as he dressed,
her yellow eyes as sharp as hawks'.

A few years later,
a room with a love-seat,
a shy, first kiss.

Passion's frenzied grasping
on a bed that filled a tiny room
a few years after that—

then, an upstate New York
farmhouse bedroom —
pounding on the floor to try
to make the LSD turn off.

After a lost year, a room
into which God flooded,
a pinkish Ocean,
washing all my memories clean.

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Dear Max this is great, I know that we often compare thoughts and feelings on P.H. I think it's how we grow, drawing on each others skill to feed our own, sort of like a flower that feeds itself.This Poem Max, is a bit like one I did the other day called 'To Market Don't Stall', i'm not sure how i've done.I tried to imagine a possibillity where one day people could see our every feeling as if it were to be laid out on a table, but not to be judged just to be observed.What do you think of concept please? Love Duncan
A small room can have so many timelines attached to it...it's like how I compare hotel rooms that I stay at....and stuff like that...Thanks for sharing Max! !
thats a really good poem, i like it alot
'a pinkish Ocean, washing all my memories clean' I love these words^_^ The rooms accompanying the growth of a person can be so beautiful.
this poem is beautiful. reminds me a little bit of ' this room and everything in it ' by Li-Young Lee..if you've never read it, I think you'd enjoy it..you can find it here on PH. Anyway, I'm happy to have discovered your work..
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