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A Few Things You Should Never Do
(18 June 1945 / Bradfield, England)

A Few Things You Should Never Do

Poem By David Harris

Never date the Wolfman
on the night of a full moon.
You could end up
with a very nasty love bite.

Never date Dr Frankenstein
on a stormy night.
You might just end up
with a bolt out of the blue.

Never open Dracula’s coffin
as the sun begins to set.
You might end up
opening a box of your own.

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Comments (6)

David aka Dodgy Dave bravo!
Three little cautionary tales from the depths of a fertile imagination. Great fun with a twist. love, Allie xxxx
This poem is definately unique, I like that. I have given it a 10 for it 's creativity, look forward to reading more. Rosemary
Hey I have met a few girls that suck the life out of you, then bark at the moon...lol David beware clubs with bad lighting...10
Yikes, don't worry, I won't...in fact a gal has to be extra careful in the states about anyone she dates as should the guys....Lots of loonies running around and they're not all known as frankenstein....cute write David........marci.(< :)