A Few Words For Her

Poem By dipak adhya

This is not a poem at all
Rather you may think
It is a love-message
When the sun sets and the stars are seen
I look at the sky
I don't know with whom
Should I compare you
As there's also the glittering moon
And it is not at all a false statement
For the time being
I forget you
Then when I come to my attic
And think the beauty of starry night
You approach
Being fascinated I forget all about the world
And feel you
But at morning
When I get up after the happy dream
My mind feels a certain pain
You were
But nowhere
There is a vagueness in everywhere
I crave for you
I long for you
And gradually I forget you
In the ever charmingdawn
I feel Wordsworth comes
And asks
Have you read
Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3,1802
I reply him
Many times
And gradually forget you

It is not true you are my all
Beyond this very limit
There is all
I admire them too
And truly
I regard you as very trifle
As myself

Comments about A Few Words For Her

A very splendid poetry try reflecting the difference between dream and reality and why we need to come out and make every dream real. A lot thanks for mentioning Westminster bridge.
Interesting piece of work. It seems to ramble a bit, but it is heartfelt.
Wonderful thoughts so beautifully versified. Brilliantly crafted with compelling imagery.

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