HMT (10th March 1987 / Irvine)

A Fight

Facing the other girl,
Atmosphere full with raw tension.
Flames of fire burning in my eyes,
Grinding my teeth with irritation.
Beads of sweat,
Skin red hot.
Background cries,
'FIGHT! ! ', 'FIGHT! ! ',
Clenching my fists ready to aim,
I swing my arm.
Through the air it goes,
Crack! On the girl's jaw.
I grip onto her hair,
With roaring rage,
As i throw her to the ground.
Laying into her,
Can't stop punching.
Bloodied hands and bruised knuckles,
Whack! ! !
I sit up in the darkness with a cold sweat,
Just a dream.
A dream I've had for years,
To get revenge back.
For the anger building inside me,
For the years of misery she has caused me!

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