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A Fight For Survival
YS (03/09/72 / bronx, new york)

A Fight For Survival

When you are raised with trust and fear
you beleave in courage when it is near
you learn to trust as days goes by
but learn betrayed as years fly
its only then when you must learn
that life is cruel when you are not known
you must learn now what the meaning is
the word survival, its what was preached.
they teached you how to love when you was young
but also not to quit on what you have learn
for you are someone rather special
this is a battle that someone lend you
don't lean back and quit the game
you have to fight to gain respect
for you have no clue or have any idea
the so called game, might bring you fear
for this is not just a simple game
this is reality going your way
you must fight and trully beleave
a fight for survival its what was preached.
for this is life or you learn it or you'll weap.

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