A Fine How Do You Do

she tells me what to do
even while I am
or plan to
or think I am

by now, I should and would know
what I want to do,
if ever I sought advice
it is only her, I would seek

has she no faith,
I know what to do,
of course she has
but she knows better

how, what and when, to do
so when in need I'll ask,
if she stopped telling me
what to do,

I'd think she didn't care anymore,
stiil it's often annoying
being told what to do

by shimon weinroth

Comments (4)

hahaha! ! we gottcha stop nagging my women friends.......nice one
The 'she' persona here, whether she; s mother or spouse, seems to dominate, but then, isn't that how women are? Enoch.
somtimes we get pist-off if someone asked us what to do but well......this is the fact of life..........
She is always right, thats why she is she