DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

A Fire Begins... (1)

Can you feel the soft warm feeling, inside as you embrace
That special something deep inside, that rushes to your face
Maybe it just brightens your soul, or whispers in your ear
This man loves you more than you know, listen closely my dear
Your lips and his tenderly touch, engulfing your desire
The cool wetness of this embrace, will quickly turn to fire
His strong arms surround you tightly, as spirits search for more
This closeness quickens beating hearts, like the sea covers shore
As thoughts of him race thru your mind, the two of you are freed
Dreams of life you'll live together, he'll fill your every need

Authors Note: This is the first in the series of, 'Love's Fire'...

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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Yes, I'd say you are a hopeless romantic! Nice write - easy flow. Linda