The invaluable star in Asia,
Twinkles throughout the world;
A peaceful land of pleasure,
Is ranked as the celestial abode.

A union of sacrificial people,
From seven states and divisions;
Won't let their star go feeble,
Throughout all fearful situations.

Till the earth & the sky go on,
The flag of Myanmar will flutter;
The patriots, in rhythmic tune,
Will sing National Song together.

He who tries to part this land,
Is our capital enemy, not our own;
The world should understand,
We are all peaceful, but not down.

by John Collins

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‘…now only I realized that I was in the total darkness // beneath the sun and moon.'…’ Wonderful paradox…darkness of eye or heart? …enjoyed but requires pondering…is it injustice? TEN Ms. Nivedita UK
Still thinking about this! Seeing a fire-fly one night in his prison cell, he scribbled on the wall: 'Before tomorrow comes to extinguish even the darkness around the moon and stars, I see the world by your faint light.'
As i get older i see things i missed on my way through life, not that thay was not there i just did not have the time to look.And this man had just found the time.Take care Roy.
Why is it that when our life is threatened we can see what life is worth and really is about A painfully beautiful poem The fire-fly knows what we are too blind to see...Wishing you a day full of joy-Pia
Or even (I am still thinking about this - forgive me) : One night in the prison cell, seeing a fire-fly like an ambulance, he scribbled on the wall: Before tomorrow comes to extinguish even the darkness around moon and stars, I am seeing the world with your faint light.
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