A Fire-Truck

Right down the shocked street with a
That sends all else skittering to the
Redness, brass, ladders and hats hurl
Blurring to sheer verb,

Shift at the corner into uproarious gear
And make it around the turn in a squall
of traction,
The headlong bell maintaining sure and
Thought is degraded action!

Beautiful, heavy, unweary, loud,
obvious thing!
I stand here purged of nuance, my
mind a blank.
All I was brooding upon has taken
And I have you to thank.

As you howl beyond hearing I carry you
into my mind,
Ladders and brass and all, there to
Your phoenix-red simplicity, enshrined
In that not extinguished fire.

Submitted by Robert Fish

by Richard Wilbur

Comments (7)

Such a fine poem by Richard Wilbur.....
Beautiful poem shared. Nicely written.
Thank you, Robert, for introducing me to this great poem! Vivid and fresh description. No question what he’s writing about. And notice, poets, how the rhyme fits in so logically and easily; I missed it at first. Cool! -GK
It will be a poor fun having a fire device, and no chance to show its mettle..........very well crafted to mean a lot......... thanks for sharing
Haunting expression. Beautiful poem by Richard Wilbur. Thanks to Robert Fish for submission.
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