A Fitting Pun

a fitting pun -
I was misled
the seamstress
was only
sew sew
in bed.

by Chuck Audette

Comments (25)

Another cool one Chuck...you do have a sense of poetic humour! !
Be glad she didn't take after you with the pinking shears!
'Sew, sew' indeed I am maligned for I'm magnificent and wild. Sew sew is how you are say I. Your needle's blunt without an eye. ..........next verse please Chuck.... tee hee Ruthy; -)
This is brilliant! You're so clever and talented. Warmest regards, CJ Heck
Great write Sir Chuck. I once took wood shop in school, but I found the experience-Very boring! God bless those with a very fitting life-as a tailor-MJG.
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