A Flakey Pie

It must be hard being God,
In the shell of a mere mortal
How … you must despise our
Weak and troubled souls
Not … knowing what we want
Having to make all those decisions on
The conversations we bring … puny human
So inconsistent, and flakey …
Not just resembling flakes, but
Tending to form flakes or thin, crisp fragments
Like pastry … maybe its our
Off –the-wall antics … puny humans
I’m not try’na give you flack lord, but
Why even bother with us, obviously
We not without fault, some of us
Can’t even spell condtradicts …misspelled
I’m surprised we even know the meaning.
I’m just joking … this is a non-sensicle argument! !
Oh shyt.
Is that spelt wrong too. Opps!
Lord … you got me laughing now,
I did invite you into my house, and
I did ask for you opinion, but
What I didn’t expect was your blatant disrespect
It’s like inviting a friend into your home, and getting raped in the process
Tell me lord, did I ask for that
I guess it was my fault, cuz
I … just a clone,
I keep forgetting the word dummy on my back
Most omnipotent one
Your advize … misspelled …. Did remain respectful
So on that note … wait one more thing lord
Is it a contradiction that …. I offered you my opinion, or
Respectful criticism in a public forum, and you took offence
It’s all love,
Peace and blessings! !

© Buterflyluv,2008

by I am Buterflyluv

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