DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

*a Flaming Arrogance*

An internal fire burns,
Lights my life & is in all I learn
Fallen victim to pure dis concern,
I pull back the boundaries, to see between the lines
Now all I witness is the truth and lies

Spilled out before us into our lives
I spread the word but receive jokes and jibes,
But all I show is the truth of our people’s lives
I guess there not ready to open there eyes
A flight of fancy before they realize

Still it hurts deep inside
Right beside where my fire burns
Where people ignore your words and rhymes, no one cares,
At least for this moment in time

To heal the world is an impossible task
But its inside me now I must work on it while it last’s,
Before becomes an empty vision from my past.
The end is coming and it will be the last
Were part of history in our earths past
But, nothing will survive long enough to last

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Comments (2)

this is absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing
What rhyming, what talent, great work. Don't give up.