A Flawless Happy Ending

All my life I believed in love stories,
With princesses, frogs and knights,
I always wanted to live in one,
With a castle and gorgeous sights.

A doctor on a slick white horse,
Riding to me in the wind,
Such a perfect prince,
Who never would, or has, sinned.

Stunning long blonde hair,
And a wonderful innocent smile,
I didn’t know the truth,
And I wouldn’t for a while.

Gorgeous snow in the winter time,
Like a Christmas card not worth sending,
That was what I wanted,
A flawless happy ending.

A church wedding with everyone there,
Was what I had in mind,
A cute quiet love story,
Where we all wined and dined.

The real love story with a happy ending,
A life no one would have to mend,
But if it was a real love story,
Surely it would never end.

by Lottie Hammond

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I've always dreamed about having a love story like that too. Must be I have so many chick flick movies in my collections. I believe that the right person will find you at the moment when you least exspect it. But if it doesn't happen when you want to you've got to get out there and make it happen on your own. Good poem Excellent writing. *Holly*