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A Flood Upon A Mushroom
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

A Flood Upon A Mushroom

Poem By David Lacey

Every single passing moment, falling into place,
Nothings simply black and white here, alls in inner space.
I’ve walked so many miles to be here, to be with you when you smile
Why am I still stood here waiting, do you deem this punishment or trial

Are you the queen of hearts, my friend, or is there patience in your blood?
Is everything you hold within locked away or understood?
Colours running deeper than I ever thought they could
Tainting the memories of something I could have done but knew I never would

I’m searching for an answer, I’m running out of time
Down the rabbit hole, I’m here, there must be something lost to find.

And then when I keep secrets, of all I’ve held and hold
And when I’m running from the memories that used to make me cold
Now and then they warm me up again, the blood within my veins
is pumping through my heart again, no more falling with the rain.

A flood upon a mushroom, a garden ruined in time
And always running onwards, I’ll dream that you are mine

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