VR (27-11-1953 / Vegeswarapuram, India)

A Flow Of Tranquility

When my mind merges with my SELF
Who am I? What is my Being?

Friendships and passions no more stir
Grief and aches no longer grip
It's neither dream nor deep sleep
No sense of time but am aware

Nothing is in the awareness
Still completeness pervades
Within is like a serene lake
Without thought waves I am awake

Mind that has engulfed within
Disappeared as river into the ocean

Streams of sense move in and as silence

When the mind dissolves itself in the SELF

Am an intuitive seer
A dynamic loving Being
A blissful awareness
A flow of tranquility

by Varanasi Ramabrahmam

Comments (15)

Perfect state of being in peacefulness by meditation deep in the real way!
very true and beautiful lines
Very true sir we can feel the tranquility
An excellent poem on the spiritual Unification of the being with Being which William Wordsworth and R.W Emerson felt.
A nice flow of logic and structure there.
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