People call it a believe
Some call it tolerance
But faith justified a person
By faith we are sanctified
And experience joy
By faith we became
Free from condemnation
Faith gives us assurance and fulfillment
Cos faith without work is dead
Live by faith
Walk by faith
Continue in faith
Do everything by faith
Grow in faith
Demonstrate faith by good works
Combine faith with hope and love.

by ogunleye kayode peter

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I just remember one of our legends in which Sri Krishna brings a flower called 'PARIJATHA' and gives to his beloved wife Rukmini.The same antic spirit and glowry is there in this beautiful poem. Brother, thanks for sharing such a wonderful poem. I will surely give 10+ marks.
i just love the theme of your poem.... And very well crafted and perfect use of words.
With an ikebana of TEN Ms. Nivedita Thanks for comments Cordially invite to read and comment on Enigmatic Navel Lie Sly or other poems. niv
dear poet, i am that flower..................
'i may not be the bird that flies in the highest sky, just let my beautiful wings spread and bring you to end, leaving you with no pain as you stay beneath....' good lines expressive poetic...thanks Anto...10
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