LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

! A Flower Is A Flower !

I did not bring you roses
When you searched for something rare,
Instead I brought you daisies
And I hoped you wouldn't care;

And now I look behind me
With a wistful little smile -
You would have taken dandelions
And loved me all the while.


by Linda Ori

Comments (12)

I don't see it as a love poem, I see it as an ode to human modesty, when it is found
Absolutely great! Loved it.
Linda This is so sweet. I have written a love poem about daisies. I must find it and put it on. I have a friend who just loves natural flowers, a bunch, and not a contrived arrangement, and I am like that too. Such beautiful work. Karin Anderson
Beautiful poem like flowers.... No matter it's roses, daisies, dandlions or......... A flower is a flower, as you said! Regards Naseer
a rosy ending with a bouquet of beautiful thoughts
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