A Flower To Auroville Mother-13

Vetchi, Idli poo(Ixora coccinea)

It's their paradise I find all and well
Multi-coloured and sized dwarf and tall
Sponging pally in a gentle breezy dwell
Palming multi-fingered 'come, come'say all

It's their decor I see all over and abode
Mindless to picking mindful to hugging I adore
It's their decorum of guarding of a healthy mode
I feel a glow in a swish all over and more

Faced palm crowned in a heart of colours
Sundries she and she and she and so on
Bunchy, bushy in clustered merry gregarious
Adorn 'Vetchi' morn and Muruga, a triumphant dawn

by Indira Renganathan

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I read both episode 12 and 13 today, they are wonderful! Were you a student of Botany? The names of flowers & plants you mention are at times found in my Compendium of Homeopathy! Since we have Batch Flower remedies for treating the mind etc. I am reading the life & works of Aurobindo at present. Thanks for your comments! -Raj