I Think You'Ll Be

You’re looking up
And I’m looking down
Your smile is bright
And I wear a frown

And I'm a freak of nature
And you’re the rising sun
I’m impossible to deal with
And your friends with everyone

Yours eyes are open
And my eyes are closed
Your life’s a highway
And mines a dead-end road

My hands a dirty
Your hands are always clean
You’re so polite and kind
And I am rude and mean

You’re a winner
And I just always lose
It's not what I want
It's not the life I choose

All my mistakes
They led me down this street
They left me lonely
Broken, torn and beat

But I think you’ll be the one
That can make me change
I think you’ll be the one
Who can stop the rain?
And I think you’ll be the one to keep me satisfied
And I think you’ll be the one that ill keep by my side

by Tim Cook

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