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A Fly In Amber
Pete Crowther ( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

A Fly In Amber

Swimming in its world of amber
The long-legged fly can still remember

The burning heat
Of the sun in the Eocene

From its golden sea, this fly has seen
The dance of continents, the rise and fall

Of all ten thousand things
Upon our planet.

In the many facets of its eyes
Seas have filled with water, deepened, dried,

Mountain ranges risen, crumbled.
This fly has seen the centaur and the unicorn

And the first Neanderthal.
Nations, empires passed before it,

Wave after wave in quick succession.
This fly was in its amber when

King Cheops built his pyramid
And Roman Caesar conquered Gaul.

Now with this ancient creature in my palm
I am become
The green flash of the setting sun.

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Comments (8)

Ohhh, I like it. Great fusion of distant past and present and everything in between. Elegantly composed.
I actually feel as though I have stepped back in time, seen what the fly saw, from the beginning of time. Wonderful poem.
I love this poem. It's so beautifully crafted and detailed. There's a nice use of onomatopoeia. Thanks for keeping poetry real. Ciao. Lyrael
Detailed, descriptive, historical, original. Very enjoyable to read.
Wonderful poem. The last line with the green flash is particularly powerrful. Gershon Hepner
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