# The Certainty Of Our Love

this morning
i saw you in the dawn
of my dream

you're just there
smiling and keeping
your sensitivity
and my awareness

holding a ring of commitment
a promise you can't let go
love and passion is in your eyes
coated with a crime
we can't deny

i wanted to hug you tight
but you slipt away
you untie my arms
that kept you tied

then tears fall
clouds shadowed the sun
thunder booms so loud
bursting it's anger
rain falls
soaked us wet

it can't understand us
for it can never be
it can never be ours
the sunny day
the fine one
under that mango tree

now i'm bleeding
while thinking about us
what if the us will end
all of a sudden
i still don't know what to do
that i'm certain

i'm still unready
for the agony
and the anguish
to come my way

for it's not the music
in our head
not even the dance
we want to uncover
in our moving feet

all i want is now
a love flourished
in the middle of ambiguity
yet certain to be captivated
and be fascinated
with the love
that only you and me
can describe
with serenity

no matter how much we try
it will not remain hidden
and in our thrive
hoping we survive

by HAZEL Calumarde

Comments (8)

Ohhh, I like it. Great fusion of distant past and present and everything in between. Elegantly composed.
I actually feel as though I have stepped back in time, seen what the fly saw, from the beginning of time. Wonderful poem.
I love this poem. It's so beautifully crafted and detailed. There's a nice use of onomatopoeia. Thanks for keeping poetry real. Ciao. Lyrael
Detailed, descriptive, historical, original. Very enjoyable to read.
Wonderful poem. The last line with the green flash is particularly powerrful. Gershon Hepner
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