A Foe Too Strong

A seed has fallen to the ground
From an apple that sustained a hungry bite
I could have cast it out of destiny to grow
Instead the beauty I wanted to behold
Of a seed so small and delicate as this
So I found a bed of soil from which it might
Stand a chance to spread its limbs in light
Weeks past, and though the sun was naught
The seed a mighty battle fought
I thought, no chance was there for seed
Or man or beast or bush
After rain and hail and sleet and snow
A green trace of life I did behold,
It's head still bowed to the soil in thanks
And I remember many seeds I cast aside
They will never raise their heads in light
Nor will any man know that they too had a chance
After the tree and blossom and bee and me.

by Carl Reiner Schultz

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