Poem: Lost Souls

There's an uneasy emptiness…
which has been experienced by all of us;
it's an inner void, that hungers,
that pushes us towards a spiritual search.
Our physical eyes tend to glaze over,
from not knowing: what is really needed.
Yet, we strain to see something tangible,
but may be unable to fully articulate
the unknown yearning that nudges
our restless, agitated spirits.
Seekers of hidden, sacred signs
face troublesome frustrations
of niggling and nagging doubts
from failed, divine connections.
To emerge from an encompassing darkness,
one is still required to move…
towards the ethereal, eternal Light.
With boldness, Christ announced…
that He is the Way, Truth, Life and Light.
Today His Love continues to reach out,
in an enduring, unending summons
for all of the remaining… lost souls.

Author Notes:

Loosely based on:
John 14: 6,1: 6-13,9: 1-11,12: 44-50; Prov 4: 23;
Psa 23; Matt 11: 28-29

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2012, All rights reserved.

by Joseph James Breunig 3rd

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you were away, away!
WINDY RED - fills the whole poem
This is pretty self explanatory the person is making their undying ode to a love one who is not there, so the message is relaid through the emphasis of the words They are stringing her words like pearls To throw to the dukes and earls. exceptionally dressed, as is the repeated structure that is used in each fourth line within the stanza. As for you Jack Growden, your errant plea for attention is a shameful disgraceful way to use this section to gain publicity for yourself, go to Youtube for that. showboating
PLEASE READ MY COLLECTION! I am young and aspiring to be an author! Be sure to rate and comment as you go, kind regards, Jack Growden