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A Following
(16 August 1920 – 9 March 1994 / Andernach)

A Following

Poem By Charles Bukowski

the phone rang at 1:30 a.m.
and it was a man from Denver:

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So, that's it. Huh.......
i was going to simply agree with Sarita below, but no... Dear Site Manager, Do not rip the classics apart. Either post them in full, or refrain from posting them at all. Who wants to read one line out of a poem, that's like only seeing the error page of a website (useless) . besides to the likes of Chuck Buk, it is just disrespectful. get some radio guts. this 20 line poem, which is brilliant looks like nonesense when only the single line is posted. grow up! Al.
i find it really amusing that a site dedicated to poetry would censor the poets! ! language is language. 'Bad' words are only words. this is not Chinowsky; s poem. this is a watered down version of his poem and there is so much he had to say and he used the language that shocked that disturbed that grabbed your soul and shook it good baby censorship is wrong. Art is not for sissies. Poetry is not all 'oo la la' and sentimentality poetry is the tool of the masses to tell the truth about the world, about love and death and life and war and loneliness. not a salve to make it all better.. i publish most of my stuff on scribd now for this reason. but i love to come read all the growing poets. stop censorship. its just wrong.
Charles Bukowski was for his bluntness he had I dont give a crap attitude thats what I admire about him. He Is all about free verse wish it would come back instead of all this water downed stuff that we read today.
I think the 'Following' signifies his cult following. And the man who called from Denver was a fan.
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