A Fond Kiss

A fond kiss, and then we sever;
A farewell, and then forever!
Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll pledge thee,
Warring sighs and groans I'll wage thee.

by Robert Burns Click to read full poem

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But to see her was to love her. Love but her, and love forever. An extravagant and great expression of love coming from the master himself, Robert Burns. Nice poem! Sylva-Onyema Uba.
what he is saying is it was all worth it and he would do it all again if he could.
Exceptional...I love it.
'A fond kiss, and then we sever' may sound a misnomer but we cannot overlook its charm. Had we never lov'd say blindly, Never met- or never parted- We had ne'er been broken-hearted.
Deep emotions beautifully expressed.
Deep in the heart; with the muse of love. Nice work.
.............how could they part after a fond kiss like this.....beautiful poem..
A lot of yearning, desire, and hope. An intangible love often dreamt of, never forgotten, treasured. Much to appearance, maybe delusion not true.
A beautiful piece of poetry on farewell just that some words are not best interpreted or translated but i must say it's a nice one
calm and beautiful.nice poem. was it a woman? express farewell.very nice
This poetry is a ode to a fleeting woman who left strong memories to kindle his poetic senses........
nice and beautiful poem i love it [3
Thank you, Kevin Straw, for pointing out the errors made in transliteration to modern English. Those points certainly DO make a difference. To whomever posted this poem: have a care, sir or ms.! It should press upon your conscience to right the errors you have made. Can we hope that you will do so?
..... yeah.....a farewell poem....this is nice, , , but whom is this addressed....to his wife...? ? ? ? hehehe...is that a stupid one? ? ?
Well said Kevin. It's a crime to ruin such a poem with ignorance. It's worth looking for Eddi Reader's version(s) of this on youtube - she sings it with real passion and with the proper pronounciation. Naebody does it better: -)
A real tidal wave of emotion.
How disappointing to see this great lyric presented so badly. The heart of it has been torn out by an attempt to anglicise the dialect. Also there are bad errors in the “translation”: “ae” is “one” not “a” “sae” is “so” not “say” “ilka” is “every” not “like” The first error changes the meaning of the line, and the last two errors make their lines meaningless.
This is beautiful! I have read and written farewell pieces but this is AMAZING! ! R.B is the best!
What a wonderful poem! A confident love will be like this only!
this poem is really cool thank you