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A Fool In Love
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

A Fool In Love

Poem By David Lacey

A swollen heart of infected blues weeps un-sleeping throughout the nightmare,
I feel unworthy of affection, as though I walk without direction,
Always searching for an answer to the questions that lay forever undefined.
All around me is chaos spinning within a churn of emotion, yet I am stationary,
Un-moving upon a physical plain and sinking deeper within what I once considered
The most delightful of emotions. Sinking into an ocean of false regret I find it harder
And harder each day to laugh and I say I can forgive and forget myself. For I know that
More so each day the world is moving on beyond my boundaries yet here I remain.
It seems I have planted the seed of emotion and now must practice my patience,
Awaiting the process to develop itself whilst I leave time upon the shelf.

Everything about her I adore, what more could any heart want for than for love to be
Returned? Inside the flames of desire burn away the constructs of my mind that I have
Been so happy for so long to find myself within. She fuels the emotion within which I
Swim unknowing of her splendor, unknowing of her grace, she alone may paint a smile
Upon my face, yet it is with my own inability to handle a love unspoken for which I cry.
For though I try to reason why I know I may never kiss her alike I may never kiss the sky. Still I know I should waste no time in sighing for there are a thousand lives to live
Upon this plain, yet a thousand sunsets I would gladly miss if I could take away the pain,
The fear, the tears that keep me drowning. I would gladly miss the sunset if she could spend just one night in my arms without regret, yet the moment never reveals itself and I
Remain a fool in love.

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this hit me as a wrecking ball as i read it. <3 10
god this is beautiful..........