Kebbi Rainfall

From the South,
Millions of sandstorms
Steaming like Mama stew on fire,
Loud echo of hot thunder rents the West,
Then - at first, drizzling...
Later, heavy tornado, rolling stream
Is released from the sky,
Very brief - a short moment,
Large torrents sweep particles.

No child dares venture out,
Mothers swaddle fretful ones,
Houses turn over in combat,
Huts stumble in the conquest,
Fear claims every soul,
Animals shudder in revulsion.

Three months terror,
Things are done,
War is over,
The sky pretends to have ever grieved,
The land denies ever tasted water,
All sniff in wonder,
What a wonderful climate!

by Seyi Enikanoselu

Comments (2)

this hit me as a wrecking ball as i read it. <3 10
god this is beautiful..........