A Fool To Love-07

im sittin here cryin
do you know,
that inside im dyin?

whyd you say you love me
if you knew it wasnt true
you knew itd hurt me
yes, you knew

but do you care
i dont think so
did you say sorry?
hmm...let me see...NO!

you knew how to get me
you planned it all out
is what i wana shout

i just want you to know
that because of what you did
i will never look at you the same
your not a man, your not a boy, but a stoopid little kid!

by Selena Star

Comments (5)

I've been there before, and your poem was beautifully written. I liked it. ~Trysta
OMG you are so great you are so hilarious too I LOVE IT SO MUCH it remindes me of a TV show I watch on TV love the expression
omg! ! ! loves it! ! so printing it out and putting it on my wall, or in my wallet.... loves it! ! ! ! !
i hate liars... love the poem though well written!
wow, heartbreaking, understand that it must be terrible to be lied to in such a way