A Fools Fool

Poem By Alicia Calvin

In my mind I see you.
See the world in your eyes.
But what can I do?
Time passes by.
Your sweet.
Your kind.
Your out of my leauge.
Dont pretend that you can't see.
What happens to me when you walk in the room.
You see the fool you made of me.
Heart bandaged from breakage by gloom.
Yeah, you can't see me.
Im a nobody to you.
Never what I want to be.
Never that cartain you-know-who.
So when you come down.
From the world that you roam.
I'll still be here around town.
And I'll be the one welcoming you home.

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ChuChi, Once again I am going to ask you, who is this guy? But, even though you keep secrets from me * sobs* I still you love and your poems!

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