MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

Spend Time With Yourself

Do you really care for yourself?
If so, spend time with yourself for a change
You are so human; you are not Superman!
Yet, you are busy every single day
As a parent, you tend to pamper your
Willingly sacrificing in many ways
for their sake and happiness
You shower them with kindness
Spending time and energy caring for
Providing everything and every need for
Its never easy
You can go crazy when
you are under stress
There will be much distress
Be wise to recognize your
Face reality
You have the authority to take a
break from your
Make time for yourself is your
This way you can balance your
life style
You can make life
If you are honest with yourself
Pamper yourself with a good
Forget about your untidy
Refresh yourself in the cool
Your body needs relaxation
Pay attention to the
quality of life
Be not foolishly obsessed with
Enjoy reading a good book
Have a new hair-cut to look
Treat yourself to your favorite
Entertain yourself with a good
Live a Fulfilling Life

When you love and care for yourself
You are able to love and care for
Its your priority to

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Comments (3)

Natural Beauty to the eye depends on the beholder...for some beauty must be destroyed and we have proof sad to depart this life leaving our gardens barren through no fault of ours...a fact of life well written
well said have very barely shown us the reality, the time that passes away and then the end is there. as leaves of a tree fade away, so does life move away to its end.but there are some who paint up the image so fair. its a fair fact of life. truly uzma.
excellently displays the reality of life and tells how viciousness of this world follws the beauty. and then at last it all fades away leaving us to mourn and regret. one day we will all leave when our time in this world is over and then there is nothing we can do to protect or save what we have built with hard work and love.this is life and this is reality! ! !