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A Forsaken Woman

She now despise him though she once did love him since love can be hate upside down
He left her for a younger woman whom he lives with in a nearby Town
She can't get it out of her system in her heart a festering thorn
'Tis so true hell has no more fury than a woman angered by scorn.

Because of what has happened to her all men she has chosen to hate
That she may be generalizing is something to which she cannot relate
The hurt of love still lingers with her all things should have a use by date
She may have loved the man she married but he was not her true soul mate.

If so her he'd not have forsaken though he stayed with her for twenty years
Your soul mate would never forsake you and leave you in sorrow and tears
And though him she ought to get over 'tis hard to forget and forgive
But with life's disappointments and heartaches suppose we must learn how to live

With his new woman he has a baby daughter a child with him she never had
That alone she will grow old and childless is something that does seem quite sad
She will tell you all men are untrustworthy and she does not seem to realize
That all men like all women are different and we ought not to generalize.

Forsaken by the one that she loved and love's disappointment she know
He left her for a younger woman and that's going back five years ago
And because of that she mistrusts all men and she will not give love one more try
And how can she ever feel happy if one more chance of love herself she deny.

by Francis Duggan

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