A Fountain Pen.

A fountain pen, beautiful pen
The most precious ink pen was it
Not on brand name or quality terms
But it was a gift that I remember
Forever, as a fondly gift of a friend.

The first use of pen was a happy event
Being proud to write in white paper
With a writing pen, the ink pen
The gentleman's gift for my admission
The day of commencement in High school.

I showed the gift to all of my friends
Its quality, color, they appreciated
It was a happy event in my life that day
The beginner's day the usage of a pen
An innocent mind's expression of happiness.

Slowly and steadily I wrote my notes
Enjoyed the curves of letters, flowing ink
The nib, cap, and body shapes
Beautiful it felt in such a pleasantry.

The first pen and the first letters
Wrote in note book was so happy to enjoy
The inspiration, motivation I got there
From the good man of love to a student.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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Very good reminder of those days, we waited to posses a fountain pen. A dream in deed. It great that you cherish, the thought of it, good write.though you remember it for another reason ie the inspiration to write, for the love of the person who gave it to you. Thanks for sharing.