RM (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

A Four Letter Word For Regret (A Love Poem For Someone I Don'T Love)

You nervous laughter, It refrains
If for one second it ended, I’d surely go insane
And nothing that’s passed the stars has inspired me before
Till’ I saw a robin passing around the glow
And nothing beyond my grasp has tortured me more then
That passing robin in the sky

I’d fallow you into the darkness
And I’ll keep you safe, just grab hold of my wrist
I would easily wander with you into the dark
If only then we could reveal our true hearts

What passes the sky tonight, Will not faze me with the slightest effect
Because the only beauty I know of but can’t see, is the thing beating under your chest
I could swallow nectar, Water from the sea, but until I hold you I’ll get no rest
With every passing sneeze, I’ll give you my bless
When the time comes, I’ll give you my best

I say we leave the world behind, Mistaken it for a cardboard cutout
And keep running until we find a place to be
A place where people like you and me
Could settle, Rattle a ring in a box and live free

But my words, Are nothing more then initials compared to how I feel
For I couldn’t speak them in regular words, they must be felt
But the cards fell; this is the way they deal
And for unspoken words, I’m caged in my own hell

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Comments (2)

we both like the poem alot... there was alot of feeling... it sonded like you put alot of time into it.... you kept me interested....it makes complete sense...you scored and easy 10! -tiffany and shala
Great Poem. Keep up the good work. I gave you a 10