(28 October / Lucknow (U.P.) India)

A Fragile Soul

Life is joyous and content
Until I face that moment.
When an innocent or deliberate act
Wounds me with its impact.
A fragile soul am I.

Life then losses its joy and peace
In less than the blink of an eye.
Where once I stood strong and steadfast
Now reduced to heaps of ash!
A fragile soul am I.

I grope in the ashes of despair,
Searching for what was lost.
Afraid to find that hope again
Because it seems for naught.
A fragile soul am I.

Oh! A fragile soul am I.
Walking the light-rope of life.
Steady - sometimes falling
Forever wondering: Why?
A fragile soul am I!

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Comments (3)

Mahfooz, you may think you are a fragile soul, but as a writer my friend you are first class all the way. The flow of this poems is truly beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it. David
after monkeys and elephants...this is a great poem...lovely flow...nalini
good one mehfooz..keep writing