My Mother

I often dream of my mother at night
And she appears to me by candlelight.
She wants to make sure that I am safe and well
In a new country where I work and dwell.
I live far away from her empty heart
Since destiny forced us to part.
And her love so tenderly and dear
Makes my eyes full of tears.
I look at her from head to feet
And my frail heart starts to weep.
Everything that I want in my dream to stay
Tempts my heart and then flies away.
I wish that my dream would never go
As love for my mother continues to grow.
And when I wake up with my eyes to see
The dear sweet dream disappears from me.

by Guido Berardi

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Comments (5)

Original with great lines, I really liked this lovely write!
ah sweet, i like the visual.
Beautiful! The style of expression sounds original to me.
another nice one........... Smiles :) SusanB
Very nice indeed. Lovely, striking ending. Consider cutting it, though. You'd get the same effect in half the verses.