A Frank Discussion

Here is the serenity:
it fell out as we entered the cab

Here is the loyalty:
Tammy Wynette singing that song again

Here is the courage:
blinded staggered down

Here is the sacrifice:
rusted in cans

Here is the wisdom:
bursting forth with steady double hunger

Here is the faith:
pleading with the executioner
afraid at last

Here is the joy:
siezed in crumbled robbery

Here is the promise:
sea pines and the scent of the sea
the rain bird starts a song

Here is the love:
reduced to stymied poetry

by Jimi Doyle

Comments (5)

Original with great lines, I really liked this lovely write!
ah sweet, i like the visual.
Beautiful! The style of expression sounds original to me.
another nice one........... Smiles :) SusanB
Very nice indeed. Lovely, striking ending. Consider cutting it, though. You'd get the same effect in half the verses.