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A Freak Like Me
(January 29,1985 / Kuala Lumpur)

A Freak Like Me

Where are you, Miracles?
I’m reaching out for you.
Mama says you’d be there for me if I listened to her.
But it’s been raining ever since the stars left the sky,
It’s been sad news since facts became illusions.

Papa loves me.
He taught me about the beautiful world.
He let me read Oscar Wilde and told me about Paris and Neverland.
But nobody told me about the aches I could get myself into,
Nobody warned me about the many sorrows and lack of smiles to reassure.

Prime news makes me awfully sad.
My brother says ‘the planet doesn’t move on its right orbit anymore.’
My uncle says ‘the world is sick and needs to be medicated.'
They tell me everything a girl could possibly know.
But they forget to think that a freak like me would rather not know about
the sufferings and the endless pains.
A freak like me crawls under her little shelter when the storm attacks.
A freak like me cries like a baby when they say bye-byes.

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Comments (4)

somehow or the other i love your poems, keep on lara
I like 'A freak like me crawls under her little shelter when the storm attacks'. I think we all tend to do that at times. It is a good image and a good poem.
Dear Anies, this is a good poem even if you're wallowing in a bit of self-indulgency. This is an old adage worth remembering when you're feeling depressed and out of sorts: 'I complained because I had no shoes. Until I saw a man who had no feet.' Best of luck and keep writing, Jerry
Anies, This is a beautiful poem. It really is hard to see something go wrong when we thought every thing is right, , and will always be right. This is a cool one.