Tell Your Story

can you tell my story
do you know my history
can you tell us where were from
or is it a mystery
everyone has a history
where does mine lie
or am I a spy because asking why
what do I know
I work in plantations
with my whole generation
I ask but don't get an answer
why do we work here
why has our generation been captured
and why is the over sight our over sight
why does he beat us
why does he treat us
is it because I'm black
or is it because He's white
what do I know
I'm only 12
but what I know
I'll tell you what I know
why do we get treated with this pain
why aren't they so ashamed
why are we beaten and browsed
why are they lovely and approved
why do we have hatred and self of steam
why do we have beauty and self love
wile we are lost and forgotten
in pain and ashamed
ill tell you why
its because of our skin
and the way were made within
but what they don't know is....
we have power
we have beauty
we have possibility
we have pride wile we strive
we are black and were proud
we and our generation can have black pride and self love

by nylava woodson

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