A Freedom Sphere

A view of a vast land
Enriched with daffodils
Free as the breeze blows
With fullest dreams of its own

A panoramic blue sky
Suspended are the cumulus
On guard like the proud angels
Roaming the horizon with faith

A mystic gushing waterfall
Splashing crystal mist flows
Bathing the earth with vitality
Invigorates all creatures therein

Had freedom not been suppressed
By those whose hearts are full of greed
Then man could have lived a zestful life
And not suffer the turmoil mounted by evil

by Marvin Brato Sr

Comments (2)

Seems we are drawn to evil, and greed tooeasily as a society....valid points delivered here, Marvin...Excellent Work, as always! ...If you celebrate....Hope You Had a Very Nice ~ FjR ~ ..2008..
Marvin, excellent work of art! ! ! it is so wonderfully expressed that i really felt as if i was in this garden of freedom and zest. thanks for sharing. take care seema