A Fresh Journey

Poem By Elaine Sept

Son of the earth and sea and sand,
Dwell not on the trials of yesterday,
Bridges, and tunnels, and barns
Ghostly reflections of passageways and dwellings
And the dark weight of legacy and tradition,
Of yesterday, from the sun and sky.

Today the wind brings a new light upon firm clay.

Gently drift from long history,
Journey slow amid those worried trees,
Ascend the ragged cliffs
Then call upon that breeze that once chilled your front door,
Holding no troubled songs
To announce the gleaming promise yet unfolding.

Comments about A Fresh Journey

Fantastic expression. Beautiful poem shared amazingly. Thanks for sharing.10
A sublime start with a nice poem, Elaine. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
Too bad you stopped posting. Lovely work.
This is beautiful poetry. Thanks for sharing.
Elaine, if interested, you might join our new editorial project: ''POETRY AGAINST INEQUALITY '' LET ME KNOW ************************* POEMS SUBMISSION: - DEADLINE: February 20,2016 - 1 POEM (in English) of maximum 25 lines; - SUBJECT: 'INEQUALITY' as it is described in the OXFAM Report 2016 (released on Jan.18)

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