Poem By Poet Dragon

First time, in the longest while,
I felt this rush.
I've called you over hundreds of times..
But for some reason..
this time..
It was different.

My heart beat a little faster,
million things running through my mind at the time.
and then you answered..
My mind went blank,
My heart melt at the point when you picked up.

Then I felt as if nothing else matter.

well, you see, I love this chick,
That is obsessed with pennies.
Socks and whatnot..
My heart begins to race at the sound of her voice..
With the thought of her..
only a smile appears..
She brings color into my world..
Joy and happiness too.

If you think,
this is nothing..
well, I'll prove you wrong..
cuz she is all I need.. and all I ever wanted.
I'm puttin my heart out to her..
& I'm gonna love her with everythin I've got to give.

This rush I'm gettin..
Its a sign of love. :) ♥

Comments about Apart

its very sweet, good job.
like omg.... i love this poem! ! you must be like the happiest person in like the world! it was like so romantic and whatnot! ! PEACE
wow..ummm.. its nice to see that you found a girl that u deeply fell in love w/.. that girl is very lucky to have you, im guessin. and u are very lucky to have her, i mean she makes u happy and everything. .... great poem btw

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