KMA (8/14/1997 / Kenosha, Wisconsin)

A Friend

Anywhere you are there will always be a friend
Someone to laugh with
Someone to smile with
A friend that cares
A friend that loves you like a brother or sister
A friend that doesn't care about the clothes you were or how you look
A true friend will help you when you need it
A true friend will never give up on you
but if you have a friend and you don't know if shes a true friend tell her to answer this questions
if i fall will you be there to pick me back up
if i cry will you be there to cry with me
if i laugh will you laugh with me
and will you be there when i need you
even if your not if you ever need me i will always be there right beside you

Dedicated to Celeste, Mackenzie, Elizabeth, Alison, and all my other friends. Also to Ashley, even though you weren't there for me i will always be there for you.

by Kailey Marie Abbott

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that.... was....... beautiful. And i will ALWAYS be there for you.