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A Friend

A friend is a means, a way, a life,
A gift from heaven to keep you out of strife,
A life a lil like yours but through different eyes
A different role but never a despise.

Through the joy of finding your friend
The help you receive must also help to mend,
Why this life I see through your eyes so blue
A picture of a stage, something I put you through.

No matter what I do, It'll never be the same
I let you down, wasn't right, I am totally to blame,
But ask just one thing before you dismiss me
Did I ever put you down, insult you or tell you to leave me be?

The person you let me see, is full of warmth with a heart that's caring
I know I should of been as good, helping and a lot more sharing,
You've taught me things I've never seen before
Whenever I said it, I meant it, Its you as a person I did adore.

So whilst I am here, writing this, I have thought and now I know
The person I am, took a while to show, can never now get a fair show,
The path I took was wrong, believe me, I know
The friendship I had, I've ruined, long gone is that glow.

I will always remember how much you made me smile
Even through my tears, your words travelled across the miles,
You're a friend, you who helped me see what is most important to me
In the end, I let down a person who helped me realise what I could be
Please believe me when I say that I really am sorry!

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A very sincere apology... a lot of pain in your words...