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A Friend

A friend is someone who is not for once!
But in good time, in bad time, in all seasons!
A friend will not leave you after stealing your trust!
A friend will not leave you to die in a bomb-blast! !

The spirit is the king of all creatures here!
The spirit must not be defeated by the Lucifer!
When someone is in your side to do the favor you need!
That's a friend who stands by you and does a great deed! !

Even a pet or a fellow animal can be a noble friend!
Anyone, he or she when own precious life with you spend!
The spirit took various bodies to live in the earth!
You may all see creatures are friends when they take the birth! !

Unfriendly are those who are possessed by the evil!
Evil destroys the spirit with termites and uncivil deal!
The spirit of a friend cannot be destroyed by jealousy, greed!
A friend will help you to live and will cultivate good seed! !

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Pablo Neruda

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