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A Friend

the night is here, watch the stars linger
i can count my 'you's' on just one finger
as the days come, so many will go
you mean more to me than you really do know.

i was close to the end,
you gave me a friend.
you're better than everyone round that bend.
i make my mistakes, and i know it too,
ive given so much of my life for you.

but still i see just a one-way street,
ill take you out, maybe buy you a treat,
but when comes the day when you give in return?
when i am pleased, not feeling the burn.
i give so much, i hardly take,
you are my all, i am what you make.
im sick of this, each day that i break.
your water, i dont like the taste.
but when will you come to realize that i need you.

so come back to me.

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