A Friend.

A friend saved me today;
She told me that she would pray;
It wasnt much to ask; she had helped my many times in the past;
The memories of these times will last;
A friend saved me today;
'I love you' was all that she had to say;
but those three words meant so much;

A friend saved me today;
she told me to be strong;
and that it wouldnt be long;
and that it would all be gone;
and that I COULD carry on;
and if not I can always kneel;
because no matter how yucky we mway feel;
the shepards love is very real;

A friend saved me today;
she kept me from going stray;
she's more than a friend!

Written to someone who was like a mother to me for many years: to Sylvia Chavers

by Christina Beckwith

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