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A Friend Goes Into Hiding
CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)

A Friend Goes Into Hiding

Poem By Champaben Mistry

From whence this pain came,
This I know not.
In the joyful moment,
My sadness finds me, where my friend was, and is no more.
I see the significance of true friendship,
The grace of a new note.

A new music finds me once more.
An old song, a dull sound now,
And as I allow and embrace,
The sadness departs,
To, from whence it came.

I find a glory of me.
As a brave as a knight in the dark,
I ride into my night.
My heart alight with the flame of love,
As I ride to a home,
That is this, that I call my home.

(Bolton, Monday 8 October 2007)

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