TR (1989 -? / denison tx)

A Friend I Lost Cause Of Love

A year of friendship brought us close
but a night of love seperated us for life
it was the love he had for me
that i did not for him
that did us in! ! ! !
though he could not see
why i couldnt feel that way toward him
as he did for me
cause my love like that was given away
a long time ago
and i do not wish to seek it back
for i still love the man i gave it too
why did he have to tell me
he felt that way
for he knew i would brake his heart
In the END! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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i like this poem! ...i can sorta relate...only difference is that i was the 'friend' that loved the other, BUT i didnt know he had a gf until like a week later...and everyone was telling me that he was leading me on and crap and i wouldnt believe it cuz we were friends...and then one day i just asked him and he said yea i guess your right..i am leading you on: -(