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A Friend I Need

Just stay around as a friend
Until I find the strength to stand on my own again
Never leave my side and let me alone
Now that I needed some shoulder to lean on
Every word you'd say now comes as a cure
Comfort me when I'm sad and unsure
All that I have seemed to tear me down
As if the world is turning upside down
Unload the burden from my weary soul
Make me smile through thick, thin and all
Put me where I could be happy as I can be
Don't leave my side so you could catch me when I fall
Not that I wanted you to suffer with me too
Go not please, but stay..this I beg of you..

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Confirming the need of a friend with dignified declaration is definitely very interesting. Definitely friend will stay with you to give you strength. An excellent poem is nicely penned.10
boy does this look familiar. Look at 'Together, we can' When there is so much pain from a hurt that you are searching for a kind of peace.. A peace within. Together we can lift each other up and be like angels.. but angels with only one wing. We need each other to fly. That is what friendship is really all about. Lifting each other up
A nice piece with emotion on friendship. Love it.10+
there is something very nice in the poem. the tone probably. keep on little star.
A great comment on friendship wrapped in lovely verse.
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