Click Here To Listen To The Beauty Of Nature The Beauty Of Nature

The falling of snowflakes coming down
Making a blanket of white on the ground.
Autumn with red and gold-leaves,
Falling to the ground, in a cool breeze.
The rising of the sun of crimson,
A buzzing of the Bees,
As they go on their mission.
A cool-breese blowing in the trees.
The beautiful- flowers of red, yellow, and blue.
The sparkling of grass, with morning-dew.
The sea is beautiful, with Blue-sky above.
The flying of sea-gulls and of doves.
The birds singing up in the trees,
As a gentle-wind blows the green-leaves.
Beautiful-butterflies going their way.
The beauty of nature, really make my day!

by Winifred Bullard

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