A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed

What has friendship got to do in times of need?
A thousand reasons perhaps for one to see
Someone in collaboration with unlikely times...,

by Meggie Gultiano Click to read full poem

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this poem is great eyyy
Great poem on friendship. so well expressed. I love reading this write :)
a very emotion and well express poem on friendship......thanks for sharing, you are really good poet....10+++
oh goodie! this one's great!
Thank God fro friendship.
friendship is the way to god..................
a wonderful poem on frienship..with warmth and love....10
neat and conversational verse - 8/10
'Sometime, somewhere buddy! I could not offer you fortune, For I have none but perhaps Some note to cheer you up' it is so true they don't need fortune but your being there with them, that means the world to them....10 Hataw
So wonderful to be rich in friends. They are the true gold in this journey we call life. A beautiful poem, Meggie. Your words are always uplifting In Proverbs we are told that, 'A friend loveth at all times'. And I am sure you do. Always your friend, SandraX
The ship which never sinks is Friendship. Ur poem is a nice work on holding the fortress of friendship.
Friendship never grows old
What has friendship got to do in times of need? A thousand reasons perhaps for one to see Someon......... ........ with change of time friendship rule is also changed..now friendis need is friend in joy... lovley write and goodpiece. read mine prayer. prayer for friend....
You keep us on the true path of reality with encouragement along the way. Some nice thoughts to accompany us. Nicely written with good similies.
A loving and sensitive poem for your dear friend. I particularly love the earthworm simile as it gives the poem so much substance and confirms your support for your friend. Our very miserable our lives would be without friends as they are so vital to our happiness. I attended a lecture on happiness and this was one of the important points to a happy life. Beautiful writing Meggie. 10 Karin Anderson
a true soul friend is rare but i think every so often god shows one to us 10
When u find a friend i mean a real true friend the world becomes a happy place to live.everthing u ever dream about u would love to share it with that special friend until i mean until the final end of ur life. Thanks for sharing your friendship in such an open manner.
true friends are friends forever...regardless of anything.and everything, friends are always a friend...lav ya dear friendship... naizz
in our ups and down, in our distress...a friend is always there...wonderful write.....thanks for your piece...really defines what a true friend is...10++++..thanks for everything...
A friend is a friend truly that has compassionate care in happiness and sadness and always around..nice write with strong message..10 Ency Bearis