Does love exist?

If so, means 1st cut!

Thou dost comparisons in mind already,

Remember, what's fought for brings more joy.

To thee experienced,

Dating is fun, joy, intriguing

Most; where challenges are,

Tension, thinking, counter actions, revenge

Belief; every action is thought for

Therefore, calls for counter action or revenge.

No time specification for unleashing thy thee,

It's fun, time carries no much sense,

But protracting ruins everything to most.

However, no grief for a loss.

I call it love not!

To ye, none of you

Dating is a challenge, battlefield

Whether a year or 2 must win.

It's done wholeheartedly,

Means everything in their world,

All of details which call for uncounted thoughts,

And failure haunts a life time.

I call it love!

Thou loves what men love!

However, says it's not love rather ego,

Thou does best what the best do,

Not lest dost thee thinking.

It's the first precious, thoughts before,

It's the first ungracious, thoughts after,

He can bear witness.

It's not a regret though, explains ego!

I call it love not!

by Joseph Ndawula

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'The bear told me not to trust such Selfish friends like you, very much, And also said that a friend in need, Is really a friend in deed.' a poem from very wise and talented poet who needs no introduction or words for his creation.....10 read mine friend in need... what i seek..what happens
Dear sir, it's nice story poem.